Absolutely no returns or exchanges on our hair! All hair is final sale due to federal laws regarding health and sanitation. If you notice your product to be defective, please contact us at [email protected] immediately within 2 business days receiving your order. If your item is defective we will allow an exchange. We will not allow an exchange if the item has any signs of being worn or tampered with. Hair cannot be Brushed, Combed, Taken Out Of The Bundle, Tried on, or Processed, Cut, Combed, Bleached, Toned, Colored, Brushed, ETC. An exchange will be denied if any of the above is taken place! If our company decides to take your hair product back, we will notify you and you are responsible for the shipping. Shipping must have a tracking number that needs to be emailed to us [email protected] for your return to be processed. A tracking number for returns to protect both the buyer and our business. If you return an item without a tracking number and it goes missing, we are not responsible! Please allow 3-5 business days for processing returns.



There are absolutely no refunds on services or supplies. If in a event that you may need anything fixed, we would be happy to accommodate as long as it is in a timely manner. If you have received a incorrect order or broken product, we will be happy to exchange the product. You have up to 3 days maximum after service to receive free accommodations or to the lash stylist discretion. You may contact us [email protected] to express any concerns.



There are absolutely no refunds! If there is a issue that you need to address please email us at [email protected] We are more than happy to assist you with any issues you may have. An email will be sent to all students 24-48 hours prior to class to give all information and instructions about class. All deposits are made to secure student products and lash kits.